David Cory Adamson, MD, PhD, MHSc, MPH



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Associate Professor of Surgery
Associate Professor in Neurobiology
Department / Division:
Surgery / Neurosurgery
3116 North Duke Street
Durham, NC 27704
Appointment Telephone:
919-479-4120 (Duke) 919-286-0411, extension 7010 (VA)
Office Telephone:
919-479-4120 (Duke) 919-286-0411, ext. 7010 (VA)
919-479-4237 (Duke), 919-416-5857 (VA)
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Maryland), 1998
  • PhD, Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University (Maryland), 1998
  • MPH, Johns Hopkins University (Maryland), 1999
  • MHSc, Clinical Trials, Duke University, 2007
  • Neurosurgery, Duke University Medical Center, 2005
  • Neuro-Oncology, Duke University Medical Center, 2005
Clinical Interests:
All adult brain tumors, including primary, secondary, skull-based, and pituitary
Research Interests:
Lab WEBSITE: http://neuro.surgery.duke.edu/adamson

Cory directs the Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory, affiliated with the The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center and Comprehensive Cancer Center at Duke, which aims to identify and explore critical genes in high grade brain tumorigenesis. State-of-the-art genome-wide screening techniques are used to identify novel genes. Associated signaling pathways are then explored in a myriad of tumor in vitro and in vivo models to better characterize key pathways and identify pharmacogenomic targets.
Representative Publications:
  • Kanu, OO; Mehta, A; Di, C; Lin, N; Bortoff, K; Bigner, DD; Yan, H; Adamson, DC. Glioblastoma multiforme: a review of therapeutic targets. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets. 2009;13:701-718.  Abstract
  • Kanaly, CW; Selznick, LA; Cummings, TJ; Adamson, DC. Cerebellar cryptococcoma in a patient with undiagnosed sarcoidosis: case report. Neurosurgery. 2007;60:E571.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Cummings, TJ; Friedman, AH. Myxopapillary ependymoma and fatty filum in an adult with tethered cord syndrome: a shared embryological lesion? Case report. Neurosurgery. 2005;57:E373.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Dimitrov, DF; Bronec, PR. Upward transtentorial herniation, hydrocephalus, and cerebellar edema in hypertensive encephalopathy. The Neurologist. 2005;11:171-175.  Abstract
  • Di, C; Liao, S; Adamson, DC; Parrett, TJ; Broderick, DK; Shi, Q; Lengauer, C; Cummins, JM; Velculescu, VE; Fults, DW; McLendon, RE; Bigner, DD; Yan, H. Identification of OTX2 as a medulloblastoma oncogene whose product can be targeted by all-trans retinoic acid. Cancer Research. 2005;65:919-924.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Bulsara, K; Bronec, PR. Spontaneous cervical epidural hematoma: case report and literature review. Surgical Neurology. 2004;62:156-159.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Cummings, TJ; Friedman, AH. Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the spine after radiation therapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Clinical Neuropathology. 2004;23:245-255.  Abstract
  • Samdani, AF; Kuchner, EB; Rhines, L; Adamson, DC; Lawson, C; Tyler, B; Brem, H; Dawson, VL; Dawson, TM. Astroglia induce cytotoxic effects on brain tumors via a nitric oxide-dependent pathway both in vitro and in vivo. Neurosurgery. 2004;54:1231-1237.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Kopnisky, KL; Dawson, TM; Dawson, VL. Mechanisms and structural determinants of HIV-1 coat protein, gp41-induced neurotoxicity. The Journal of Neuroscience. 1999;19:64-71.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; McArthur, JC; Dawson, TM; Dawson, VL. Rate and severity of HIV-associated dementia (HAD): correlations with Gp41 and iNOS. Molecular Medicine. 1999;5:98-109.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Dawson, TM; Zink, MC; Clements, JE; Dawson, VL. Neurovirulent simian immunodeficiency virus infection induces neuronal, endothelial, and glial apoptosis. Molecular Medicine. 1996;2:417-428.  Abstract
  • Adamson, DC; Wildemann, B; Sasaki, M; Glass, JD; McArthur, JC; Christov, VI; Dawson, TM; Dawson, VL. Immunologic NO synthase: elevation in severe AIDS dementia and induction by HIV-1 gp41. Science. 1996;274:1917-1921.  Abstract