2013-2014 Neurosurgery Conference Series Fundamentals



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Month Date Topic Speaker Resident Host
July 3 BASIC: Resident documentation and  fatigue Xavier Preud'Homme, MD No host
  10 BASIC: Pediatric ER management, shunt malfunc. Amitoz Manhas, MD Halvorson
  17 BASIC: Adult spine trauma & management Jon Choi, MD Agarwal
  24 BASIC: adult head trauma, ICP management, acute SAH management Jon Choi, MD Marky
  31 Basic neuroscience Andrew Marky, MD Back
August 7 Cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine anatomy Oren Gottfried, MD Cook
  14 Cervical, thoracic, lumbar trauma and surgical approaches Carlos Bagley, MD Huang
  21 Neuropathology - Introduction Roger McClendon, MD Adogwa
  28 Surgical Approaches: MM/LipoMM/Tethered Herb Fuchs, MD Miller
September 4 Development of Brain and Spine Carrie Muh, MD Hoang
  11 Neuropathology - pediatric Roger McClendon, MD Komisarow
  18 Cerebral and cerebellar anatomy & function Cory Adamson, MD Krucoff
  25 Approaches to Cortical Lesions:Mapping Haglund/Sinha Tsvankin
October 2 Cranial nerves and Brainstem anatomy Cory Adamson, MD Marky
  9 III and IV Ventricle Anatomy Cory Adamson, MD Agarwal
  16 III and IV Ventricle Lesions and Approaches Ali Zomorodi, MD Halvorson
  23 Neuropathology - Tumors Roger McLendon, MD Back
  30 Anterior & Post. Circulation Anatomy; Vascular lesions Vijay Agarwal, MD Cook
November 6 Endovascular indications and treatments Shahid Nimjee, MD Huang
  13 ACGME Lecture/GME Innovation: difficult conversations Neil Prose Adogwa
  20 Neuropathology - vascular Roger McClendon, MD Hoang
  27 Basal Ganglia/Thalamus Anatomy Dennis Turner, MD Miller
December 4 DBS, SCS, other functional treatments Nandan Lad, MD Komisarow
  11 Peripheral nerve anatomy and approaches Kyle Halverson, MD Krucoff
  18 Skull base anatomy - anterior Cory Adamson, MD Tsvankin
  25 HOLIDAY    
January 1 HOLIDAY    
  8 NS Applicant Meeting  Michael Haglund, MD  
  8 Skull base approaches lecture  - anterior skull base Ali Zomorodi, MD Marky
  15 EMG, neuromuscular diseases Jeffrey Guptill, MD Agarwal
  22 Board Review: neurology (stroke, demyelinating, storage dz….) Katy Peters, MD Halvorson
  29 Board Review: neuroscience Cory Adamson, MD Back
February 5 NS Jeopardy #2 Cory Adamson, MD Cook
  12 Board Review -Critical Care David McDonagh, MD Miller
  19 Board Review: neuropathology Roger McClendon, MD Adogwa
  26 Board Review - tumors Cory Adamson, MD Hoang
March 5 Board Review: neuroradiology Peter Kranz, MD Huang
  12 NS Jeopardy #3 Cory Adamson, MD Marky
  19 Surgical Anatomy of Cavernous Sinus Ali Zomorodi, MD Krucoff
  26 Perioperative Pain Management Brian Ginsberg, MB, CHB Tsvankin
April 2 Special Resident Meeting Michael Haglund, MD, PhD / John Sampson, MD, PhD Halvorson
  9 Minimally Invasive Spine Robert Isaacs, MD Agarwal
  16 Non-surgical Treatments of Spine Patients Rowena Mariano, MD Marky
  23 Managing the Perioperative Older Adult Thomas Dalton, MD Back
  30 Radiotherapies - Part 1 John Kirkpatrick, MD Cook
May 7 Intraoperative Monitoring Options and Techniques Gail Hayden Huang
  14 Statistics in Neurosurgery Projects Yuliya Lokhnygina, MD Adogwa
  21 Perioperative Management of Older Adults Mitchell Heflin, MD & Loren Wilkerson, MD Hoang
  28 Neurosurgery Milestone Discussion - Insurance, medicare, medicaid Don Bradley, MD Miller
June 4 GME:  Team STEPPS Michael Barfield, MD  Komisarow
  11 Research Scholar Day 1 - lab residents Drs. Halverson, Marky, and Agarwal None
  18 Research Scholar Day 2 - all residents All residents None
  25 GME Innovation Grant - Hand-offs Joel C. Boggan, MD, MPH  None